PROKON Project Consultancy Company

The Corporate Consultancy Services that we provide include the following:


  • Consultancy Services
  • Corporate Governance Services

Our consultancy team handles projects in different areas with a great accord and efficiency by taking into consideration both the business and legal concerns of its clients. The services that we provide within the scope of Consultancy Services could be summarized as follows:


  • Turkish Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Code of Obligations and Contract Law practices;
  • Due Diligences;
  • Mergers & Acquisitions, with wide-ranging consultancy services in terms of Turkish Commercial Law;
  • Preparation of all kind of agreements; such as Share Purchase/Transfer Agreements, Shareholders Agreements, Royalty and Know-How Agreements, Trademark and License Agreements, etc.;
  • Giving support services for Turkish Commercial Law Practices;
  • Providing support and consultancy services for renting, purchasing, selling Real Estates and establishing/releasing hypothec thereon;
  • Providing consultancy services with individuals and corporates on various topics related to Labor Law Practices such as preparation and discussion of contracts, termination of contracts, occupational accidents and illnesses, and enforcement of regulations and laws regarding health and safety in the workplace.

Corporate Governance services could be summarized as follows:


  • Giving consultancy services regarding the type of company to be established (limited, joint stock, branch office, etc.) and its consequences on the relation between the company and shareholders;
  • Drawing up all sorts of agreements between shareholders;
  • Establishing all kinds of entities including entities in Free Trade Zones and following-up related procedural transactions as well as official notifications;
  • Advising the company regarding the documentation, ensuring that all required documents are prepared correctly and duly sent to all relevant institutions and carrying out further legal procedures;
  • Getting work and residence permits for expatriates;
  • Providing consultancy and executing procedures for all kinds of corporate operations such as capital increase, share transfer transactions, general assembly, liquidation, company type changes and split-offs in compliance with Turkish Commercial Law.